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Production Credits


Written, Produced, and Directed by
Robert Johnson, Jr.

Associate Producer
Ann Marie Menting

Ed Kearney
Alonso Perkins
Robert Johnson, Jr.

Robert Johnson, Jr.
Kirstyn Litchfield

Maureen LaGrega

Kristie Barrett
Alonso Perkins

Voice Over Narration
Isaac Sargent
Sandra Welhelm
Emanuel Ward
John B. Davis

Additional Voice Overs
Ann Marie Menting
Derrick Te Paske
Eugene Michaud
Vernon Scott

Sound Recording
Digital Audio Labs of the
Communication Arts Department
Framingham State College

Film to Tape Transfers
Laboratory and Telecine Services Rockville, MD
Brodsky & Treadway Rowley, MA

Still Picture Duplication
Photo Communications Inc. Rockville, MD
Visual Image Presentations Bladensburg, MD

Transcription Services
A Better Alternative Washington, DC
University of Connecticut

New Jersey Historical Commission

Richard Stockton State College Research & Professional Development Stipend

Fiscal Sponsor
Information Age Learning Center Wall, NJ
Fred Carl, Director

Special Thanks to:

Library of Congress
John F. Price,
Vivian O. Sammuals

Framingham State College
Dr. Helen Heineman, President Emerita
The Faculty and Staff of the Communication Arts Department

Richard Stockton State
Dr. Vera King Farris, President
Dr. Robert Regan, Dean-Arts & Humanities
The Faculty of the Arts and Humanities Department

Fort Monmouth--US Army Signal Corp Electronic Communications Command

Mark Dunn, Historian/Archivist
Richard Bingham, Command Historian,
Cleo Zizos, Public Affairs Office
Henry Kearney, Public Affairs Office
Tom Clarkson, Public Affairs Office

Monmouth County Library
Kenneth J. Sheinbaum

Framingham State College, Whittemore Library
Bonnie Mitchell, Director

The Center for Military History,
Historical Resources Branch
US Military History Institute, Referecne Branch
Col. Raymond K. Blum, Jr.
Mark W. Dunn

AT&T Bell Labs
Sheldon Hockheiser, AT&T Archives and Records Management Services

American Institute of Physics
Center for History of Physics
Caroline Mosley, Archivist

National Society of Black Physicits
Lawrence Norris
Managing Director and Treasurer

New Jersey Historical Commission
Mary R. Murrin,
Howard Green,
Giles Wright

Ned Heindel
Departrment of Chemistry
Lehigh University

Leon B. Gortler
Department of Chemistry
Brooklyn College

Judith T. Herzberg
Jeanne Andre-Nelson
Susan Townes-West
Nick Lund
Doris McKethan
Michelle Palmer
Mildred Martin Townes
Paulette Blair Jackson
Viola McAfee
Ellen Carney
Diane Mercedes McAfee
Frank Rauck
Marsha Ann Bera-Morris
Nicholas Bodley

Motion Picture & Still Photography

National Archives and Records Administration,
Still Pictures Branch / Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch
College Park, MD
Barbara Burger
Sharon Culley
Jill Abraham

Information Age Learning Center, Wall, NJ
Fred Carl, Director

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum
Michael Yeates, Keeper of Records

The Johnson Family Archives

First-hand accounts of the contributions made by African-American scientists and technician at Fort Monmouth, NJ, were gathered in a set of oral history interviews funded in part by the New Jersey Historical Commission.

Regrettably, not all of these interviews were included in the documentary you just saw. However, the producer wishes to thank each and every person who offered their stories in an effort to help and chronicle the achievements of that era.

Muriel R. Baldwin
Thomas W. Baldwin
Benjamin L. Bluford, Jr.
Thomas Daniels
Frank Hazel
Inez Hazel
Jesse S. Jetter
William J. Jones
Walter S. McAfee
Curtis Murphy
Placida S. Robinson
Harold Tate
Mary Tate
William D. W. Townes
Constance G. Wright

Director's Bio

Robert Johnson, Jr., is a Professor of Communication Arts at Framingham State University. He is an award-winning documentary filmmaker whose latest film, “Other People’s Footage: Copyright & Fair Use” engages the three questions crucial to determining fair use exemptions for media makers. His previous film, “No Short Climb: Race Workers & America’s Defense Technology” which won the “Best Documentary” at the 2007 Philadelphia International Festival & Market, and a “Platinum Remi Award” at the 2008 Houston International Film Festival, tells the story of contributions made by African-American scientists and technicians to WWII. He received a Fulbright Specialists Grant to teach documentary filmmaking in Rwanda, and served as an expert for the State Department’s cultural diplomacy program "American Documentary Showcase." He has exhibited video art, photography, and paintings at many galleries and art centers, and is the recipient of the 2012 Distinguished Faculty Award for “Excellence in Scholarship/Creative Activity”.